Clothing Labels

New Delhi Printers is manufacturer of  all types of  clothing labels, Garment labels, Thermal-Transfer-Labels, Direct-Thermal-Labels, Jewellery-Labels,Asset-Labels, Blank-Stickers,

Colored-Thermal-Labels, Fanfold-Labels, Dumbbell-Jewellery-Labels, Jewellery-Ring-Labels and many more.

Clothing Labels


It is taffeta labels printed through wash care ribbons, with 300 dpi printers 

Key Benefits:

Iron on labels can be used as name labels for clothing and school name tags

Easy than sewing labels into clothes

Labels and ribbons listed are appropriate for household washing only


Iron on material is high quality coated nylon with a backing suitable for ironing straight onto clothes. The compatible resin ribbons provide the ultimate in chemical and heat resistance print.


It can be printed with any of the thermal printers having wash care ribbons facility, ask our expert for perfect advice