Domed Labels

Doming is the process of applying a catalyzed liquid resin to the surface of a printed substrate, creating a 3-D lens that enhances the depth and brightness of the graphics. Domed, die-cut labels can be produced in a variety of shapes, from simple ovals and rectangles to more complex custom designs, and the doming process dramatically increases label longevity by providing protection from exposure to moisture and UV light.Custom domed labels, raised stickers and dome tags are often used as branding or marketing labels – and your company logo needs to shine. In addition, a wide variety of equipment and machinery is used in rugged outdoor environments where product branding labels and stickers must be able to weather any condition.


3D Domed Stickers
Die Cut Labels
Oval Domed Sticker
Polyureathe Dome Labels
Rectangle Domed Stickers
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