Scratch Ribbons


Our organization is an acclaimed provider of Scratch Proof Wax Resin to our clients, it has good smear, scratch and partially chemical resistance. Suitable for label materials such as coated paper, vellum, cardboard with glossy or matt surface, synthetic materials PE, PP, PVC?etc. It is available in different size range. Experts have used latest technology for production of this ribbon. It can easily resist heat and chemicals and is ready for immediate delivery to our clients. This barcode ribbon is used in thermal printing technology and makes use of wax based ink on paper. This barcode ribbon is available at suitable price.

Technical Specification

Scratch Ribbon which can print with outstanding scratch resistant on thermal coated paper.

our Scratch Ribbons are the best quality ribbons, we are biggest supplier of Scratch Ribbons in india.



INK MATERIAL                                    WAX

COLOR                                                 BLACK

BASE FILM                                           POLYESTER FILM


BASE FILM THICKNESS                     4.5 ± 1.0μ

TOTAL THICKNESS                             7.5

PRINT DENSITY                                   >=1.6

PRINT SPEED                                       2 ~ 12IPS

PRINT SENSITIVITY                            8

HEAT RESISTANCE                             9

SCRATCH RESISTANCE                     8

SOLVENT RESISTANCE                      4

LABEL ADAPTABILITY                         7

USE ENVIRONMENT                         5° to 35°C; 30 to 85% RH

STORAGE ENVIRONMENT              5° to 35°C; 30 to 85% RH

New Delhi Printers manufacturing the Scratch ribbon which can print with outstanding scratch resistant on thermal coated paper and polyester labels. It can be also used as an alternate to paper resin ribbon.