Thermal adhesive Closure Wristbands


A patient wristband should maintain the integrity of the patient data and barcode during the full duration of the patient's hospital stay. To maintain durability, the product must resist moisture and chemicals, which can corrupt critical patient information. Thermal Wristbands - Snap Closure provide maximum resistance to light, moisture and the following solvents:


*    A non-transferable clips and are made of very soft and durable material.
*   Made of soft & comfortable yet durable material
*   Resistant to water, soap, alcohol & hand sanitizer
*   Made of latex free, skin friendly material reducing allergic reactions
*   AVAILABLE IN: 2 Different Colours Packing
*   Details: 200 wristbands/roll, 5 rolls per box for roll fed
*   thermal printers Size: 1.125 x 11.5 inches (28.575 x 292.1 mm)