Consumables Tape

Tape labels are identifiers given to volumes of maganetic tape

There are two kinds of tape labels. The first is a label applied to the exterior of tape cartridge or reel. The second is data recorded on the tape itself.

Brother PT-80 MK221 Label Tape
Brother TZe 221 Label Tape
Brother TZe 231 Label Tape
Brother TZe621 Black on Yellow Label Tape
Canon Labal Tape Casset 12MM X 30M
Canon Label Tape Cassets 6MM X 30M
Canon Labels Cassets Tape
Canon Lable Tape
Dymo Labeling Tape
DYMO S0718220 Label Tape
DYMO Self-Adhesive D1 Polyester Label Tape
Epson LK Tape Cartridge